About us

Creamy curries, spices and complex flavor pairings. This is what you will find at the cozy Indian restaurant Masala Times, located in Bleecker St.

Owner Hemant Phul is turning New Yorkers on to Mumbai’s best exports: Bollywood and street food. Masala Times is a tribute to everything Bollywood. It is the place for spicy Indian food from the streets of Mumbai.

Masala Times was born out of an unusual idea. In 2009 Phul owned a nightclub in the Meatpacking area while on the lookout for the right venue to open a late night Indian restaurant in the city. He wanted people to taste his menu first, so he started serving late-night foods in his club. And since we’ve all been in that situation, there is nothing better than indulging and sinking your teeth into some juicy street food after hitting the bar all night. He did this to not only test the food but also to see if there was a true opportunity to create something more than simple late-night snacks. People wanted something more satisfying, and so it couldn’t be clearer to him and so Masala Times was born in the year 2010.